2002-2004, Painted and donated portraits of horse and rider to Queen of Congress Quarter Horse competeion.

1997-2006, Painted  a series of paintings for various individuals.

1992-1997, Painted over fifty canvasses in oil and over thirty watercolor paintings. Sold to private art collectors in Austria.
1995, Commissioned painting of the Austrian Prime Minister in watercolor and one of his granddaughter.
1994, An erotic painting was featured in German Penthouse magazine.

1994, Sold the stone collection series to private art collector in Austria, who collects works of numerous prominent artists including Egon Schiele, Gustov Klimt.

1993, Was accepted for a show featuring architectural renderings combined with the erotic architectural collection at the "International Arts Club", New York. Letters of Recommendation: Secretary to the Austrian Prime Minister Chairman of the Raiffeisen Bank in Vienna President of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce Professor Wilhelm Holzbauer, Architect (Austria's most recognized architect)

1987, Designed and painted two Tromp d'oeils for the residence of David Mince (president of Global Television in Canada).